Food Storge Solution

[# Touch VAC PRO] #01983


  • Style

    Touch VAC pro res set

  • Capacity


  • L*W*H

    255 x 195 x 140mm

Simple technology, Professional quality


1. Place the item to be stored inside the container and put the lid on and closed.

2. Using your palms, simply press down on the center of lid 3 to 5 times. This forces air out through the one-way valve, but not in.

3. Once the vauum is created, push down on the valve. It will remain depressed until vacuum is released.

4. Turn date dial to proper day of month food is placed in storage. This allows you to know how long the food has been in storage.

5. To release the vacuum seal, lift the lever. You will hear a whistling sound as air rushes back in.

Spectial features

- Hold worldwide patent and design patent.

- Vacuum valve removes air that spoils food without chemicals,

pumps, bags, or electricity.

- The nature way to keep foods fresher-up to 40% longer.

- Vacuum Indicator tells you when food is vacuum sealed.

- Date Indicator feature allows you to indicate the date you

stored your food.

- Splatter-free : splatter-resistant microwave reheating, with the

lid on and just lever up.

- Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer safe.

- Tritan lid & bottom-BPA-free, # 14 plastic.

- Durable, for long-lasting use again and again.

- The containers nest inside of each other and keep a low profile to

conserve and save the most space in cabinets and pantries.