Special features


The highlight of the Locksy vacuum food storage is its worldwide patented vacuum seal feature. The cover of each container includes a silicone check valve than allows air to be forced out. The valve inverts to offer visual verification that all air has been removed. Air removal in plastic food container is not a new concept, the other company has original idea but customer really did not know if they were burning the air out. The key of our products is the valve that indicates the air is out. Compare to electric vacuum sealer which is hard to use daily basis, our products will offer consumers a quick-use.


The creation of a vacuum within the container prolongs food freshness by 2-5times, thus preserving food's natural flavor and nutrients. Locksy Vacuum preservation food storage is also leak-proof (liquid, moisture and air).

  • # Vegetables stay fresh and crisp
  • # Meats stay juicy and tasty
  • # Fruits and biscuits stay crisp and crunch
  • # Coffee and tea retain their aroma
  • # Aromas of pungent food like durians do not leak out

Freshness test

  • Purpose

    Compare freshness of food stored in vacuum container and conventional containers.

  • Content

    250g fresh strawberries stored at room temperature for 3days

Before use
Conventional Container

Berries have turned brown and look spoilt.

After use
LOCKSY Vacuum Container

Berries still look fresh and appealing.


The vacuum pressure enables marinades to effectively penetrate food in minutes. When pressure is released, the marinade is sealed within food.

VAC Series
  • 1.

    Put food into the container with seasoning

  • 2.

    Push the center of lid several times to create vacuum

  • 3.

    Pull the lever up and air goes inside the container. The seasonings go into food instantly. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

AIR Series
  • 1.

    Put food into the container with seasonings

  • 2.

    After cover up, take out air. When handle of pump become tight, bubble is conning out from the material

  • 3.

    Push the button and seasonings go into material, repeat 2 or 3 times


Made of the highest quality food-grade materials with anti-odor properties, LockSy vacuum containers are durable for everyday use. It is suitable for use in microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. Also, optimally hygienic and does not transfer tastes. Just freeze, defrost, heat-up and serve!

Anti-odor properties

Food Grade materials

Microwave Safe

Freezer Safe


Locksy vacuum containers help you to cut your food bill and save time in the kitchen as these following characteristic :

  • # Prevents premature spoilage of food and decay
  • # Allows more saving through bulk purchase & less grocery tips
  • # Environmentally friendly-eliminates usage of plastic bag&cling wrap
  • # Maximize efficiency with one container for all uses

Simple technology Professional quality

Fresh-er-ize your Life
Pronounciation: (fresh-er-ize)

  • 1. To preserve freshness & control portions
  • 2. To organize your fridge, freezer, & pantry
  • 3. To reduce food & plastic waste
  • 4. To live better, smarter, and fresher.


Better. Smarter. Fresher.

  • Locksy is better.
    Locksy Vacuum sealing container is better than airtight. Locksy vacuum seals to remove the air around your food that bacteria grows in, keeping foods fresher, longer—not to mention healthier, too.
  • Locksy is smarter.
    Take Locksy from the freezer to the microwave; our smart valve self-vents. Locksy is smarter than regular vacuum-sealing machines. You don't have to repurchase anything—ever. The Locksy simple vacuum sealing system
  • Locksy is fresher.
    It's fresh, new technology that's changing the face of food storage. Its fresh, clean look can go from the fridge to the table. It's fresher food for you! By not throwing away food, by not throwing away cheap, disposable